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Mighty blasts in China put some lights on black-site offshore companies.

Mighty blasts have shaken the Tianjin, China.

Officials claim, that fire emerged on territory occupied by Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd. Company is well known as a long-term partner of US and suspected of being a logistics center for black-site ops. Official Rui Hai business was a transport of “dangerous goods”, in simple terms – “transporter of all sorts”. Few company executives already been taken to custody.

Biker gangs turned back by Polish border guards.

“Night Wolves” MC (aka “Kremlin’s Hells Angels”) bikers group was turned back by Polish border guards after successfully passing Belarusian post. Official reason for the turning back was “not fulfilling the conditions to enter and stay in Poland” PAP reports. Biker gang has been added to US Treasury blacklist on December 2014.

Network plot failed?

Indian internet activists accuse Mark Zuckerberg attempting to confuse huge developing markets and lead them to Facebook-oriented, discounted (or even free) services.
Zuckerberg attempted to defend initiative by appealing to “better something, than nothing”. Although, it seems that initiative stopped to look attractive for partners as soon as it was launched live. Cleartip and Times Group already left the program, as it “conflicts with the principle of net neutrality”, India’s Save The Internet coalition got a support from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Taking those turnovers into account it could be the end of at least in India, which is most perspective WEB-oriented developing market in the world.

Botch on media.

Dutch Public Prosecution Service officially negated information,  spoiled by Ukrainian media, that known Russian general is involved in MH17 tragedy.
Official statement by DPPS:
“Most probably it was misinterpretation and differences on language perspective, which led to improper translation, and, as a result – difference in perception and view.”

Ms. Zuzana Brixiova’s private jet arrived to VNO.

After a business meeting with Tunisia gov-t representatives regarding new financial aid for tourism business development Ms. Zuzana is happy to be back to hometown.
She refused to do any comments regarding meeting details, although, she promised, that IMF will announce all significant news to media in timely fashion.

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